[S3] [E12] How to Start Eco-friendly Living Across the World with MR Maximo, Founder of Mabhuhai Maxima

This week, we have the opportunity to interview with MR Maximo. She is a flight attendant, freelance author, and financial advisor. She currently lives in the Philippines. Also, because of her work as a flight attendant, she travels throughout the world that advanced her cultural understandings across countries.

Her work revolves around sustainability and how sustainable living can create the maximum value in your life. MR Maxima also created a podcast to talk about her journey as an environmentalist. She changed her brand to the vegan flight attendant in a world that promotes otherwise from her perspective. Thereafter, she goes in-depth on how to stay true to yourself and how to stay kind and happy for yourself—at the same time, doing all without negatively affecting the planet. She mentioned how the societal pressure of consumerism can affect you and how to avoid that.

Sustainable Habits

We mentioned a couple of things the listeners can start doing right away. One of the new habits people can adopt is to use reusable bags and cups. That way, you already started to become eco-friendly. One thing MR Maxima mentions is to use eco-bricks as a way to recycle water bottles and other plastics. After that, we can start to look at expanding our contribution to sustainable fashion. The fast fashion industry is contributing significant pollution to the environment. For example, the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

For her, because of her upbringing, when I asked her what she wanted in life. She did not state any tangible goals of specific monetary value nor other professional goals. Instead, what surprised me is that she said it is to have peace when she can look back on her life when she is older. She mentioned that it would be the biggest happiness for her rather than attain a particular milestone. Like a truly sustainable activist, she practices what she teaches with that answer.

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