[S2] [E1] How to Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence w/ Valerie Reeves, Motivational Trainer and Hypnotherapist

Valerie Reeves, Motivational Trainer
Valerie Reeves, Motivational Trainer

This week we explored what it means to have strong emotional intelligence. People usually associate emotional intelligence in how well we can read and understand other people. Valerie gave her perspective in developing a strong foundation for emotional intelligence, and that begins with the self instead of with others. After all, how can we say we know about someone else when we don’t even know about ourselves. Additionally, we also explored how the people we don’t like can be potentially what we don’t like about ourselves. Valerie mentioned how she was a hypnotherapist to get people to get over their fears and blockages. Many times, it results from the lack of awareness and acknowledgment of the situation. How many times have you noticed where you ignore the facts because you refused to acknowledge the situation?

Best Practices

We also explored many ways to respond appropriately where we control our response as opposed to being reactive. Some ways include letting the emotion out and then process that. That does not mean directly confronting the other individual directly, but more like writing it out and then throw it away completely. Now that takes up a step deeper. Why do they give us such negative emotions? Many times we have complete control of our responses because the trigger was installed by us, not by others. That is why the same thing can make some people unhappy and another joyous. We have to dig deeper into what was causing this. There is the concept that the world is our mirror, and when we see something we don’t like, we tend to arouse strong negative emotions with it. In this episode, we started to explore how to start with ourselves and what mindset changes needed to be done (such as liking everyone, including people you don’t like) as a way to start to build the right foundation in having emotional intelligence.

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