[S1] [E13] How You Look at Life When Your Company Is at $100 Million w/ Harrison Tang, CEO of Spokeo

Harrison Tang

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This week we have the opportunity to speak with Harrison Tang, who is now the CEO and Co-founder of Spokeo. According to an article from Hyperlush, the company has achieved significant milestones to be where they are now. Harrison gave us many insights on how his upbringing helped him where he is now. He attributed much of the success to the support of his family and words of wisdom. However, what he said made a significant mark on his life was when he immigrated here from Taiwan. He went from the top of his class to the bottom of the class due to the language barrier. His father also told him that going back to Taiwan is not an option. Even if the job is washing dishes, Harrison’s father said that it would be in the United States, not Taiwan. Guess what did Harrison do? He started to copy dictionaries to perfect his vocabulary as he realized he has no way out to go back to Taiwan. Throughout his endeavors, he succeeded in going to one of the top universities in the US (Stanford) and founded the company.


With the company, he mentioned because of his childhood hardship, any hardship that does come up in the company seems insignificant. He also learned another key lesson from his family that to be successful is not about how high your IQ, EQ, or any other Q’s you have. Rather, it is based on who can last until the end. Because of that, Harrison pivoted his company many times over the years until he finally found the product market fit of people willing to subscribe and willing to pay a monthly subscription for personal information. Beyond that, Harrison mentioned the reason he is able to continue forward is also that he understands the why he is here every day. Without that why, he mentioned that he would have sold the company a long time ago. The “Why” behind entrepreneurship is more important than anything else according to Harrison Tang. For more details, please tune in and leave honest feedback on Apple Podcast.

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