[S1] [E11] How to Be a Physician…or Not w/ Nancy Ly, Cardiologist, and Nick Huynh, pulmonologist

Nancy L. – Cardiologist
Nick H. – Pulmonologist

This week we explored what it is like to be a doctor. As we all know, most Asian parents want their kids to aspire to become a doctor. Little did they know, there are many kinds of doctors, with some don’t pay that well. Heck, even being a software engineer these days will pay much more than a generic doctor. This week, we explored the nuances of the trials and tribulations of being a doctor. We found out how much of a thick skin you have to be to undergo the training. Instead of encouraging you, many people in practice point out what is wrong with your work as a way to make you a better doctor. That makes sense since doctors’ actions can mean life and death for an individual. Another thing we uncovered was, depending on the hospital you train at, you develop different skills like different companies have different processes.

Passion Pointer

Notice, however, in how they both started down the path of being a physician. Neither of them started because they were forced, but instead they wanted to be one with firm resolve and commitment. That shows a clear resolve before going deep into the career track. Most people believe if you go into things half-heartedly that things will improve, but actually, that will produce little to no results. Moving forward, to be sure that you want to be a doctor, you had to make sure you understand the “why” as Nick and Nancy put it. It is something they always wanted to do, that is why they never deviated from their career track until their 30’s…Yes, because they specialized, they spent way too much time on the school track, in my opinion. However, that is something people need to be aware of. Being a doctor means being a broke student until your 30’s..potentially. That can cause significant issues moving forward.

After this episode, I hope the listeners have a better grasp of what it takes to be a doctor.

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