[S1] [E9] How to Be Proud of Your Culture w/ Yoshimi Nomura, Director at Draper Nexus (VC Firm)

This week I have the opportunity to interview Yoshimi Nomura. we pivoted the conversation a bit away from typical Western-born Asians to Asians who had to adapt to a new culture. The cultural conflicts still exist, and we explore the conflicting values. Additionally, we look at how do we still maintain our cultural stance. Yoshimi demonstrated a strong sense of proudness in her heritage. A lot of questions that bothered most immigrants or Asians born outside of Asia when it comes to attacking the Asian culture, Yoshimi can maintain a calm composure to stand her ground. Even when things are taken out of context, she assumes people are just misinformed. She believed it was her opportunity to educate them about the culture. This firmness is hard to find. And we explored further how she developed the proudness of her upbringing in a foreign environment.

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