[S2] [E7] Why You Can Never Be the Top 1% with Angeline Wehmeyer, Wealth Strategist and Entrepreneur Builder at Angeline Wehmeyer, LLC


This week we have the opportunity to discuss with Angeline Wehmeyer on she went from making minimum wage with a master’s degree to owning 1000’s apartment units. Angeline Wehmeyer has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Her passion is to share her system with others to continually add more value and help them create a lifestyle filled with health & wealth, joy & abundance.

Angeline’s life shattered when she graduated from her master’s program. Upon graduation, she could only find a minimum wage job. All the schooling she did made her realize the story that was playing in her head is no longer serving her to achieve the success she imagined as such her journey to life transformation has begun since then.

New Journey

The journey first started when she started to read mindset change books, and that opened her eyes in looking at the world with a different filter. She learned that skills are only 20% of one’s personal growth, while the mindset is 80% of one’s personal growth. It shows how one’s belief systems have a stronger indication of one’s success than all the tools/skillsets one possesses.
She started to focus inwards and practice reprogramming exercises as well.

Whenever she has fears, she would find a way to overcome that fear, whether that is through hypnosis or other techniques to help her overcome her fear. As of now, she now adopts an open-minded mindset. She now approaches every situation with curiosity to either learn or earn. She no longer believes in failure and welcomes all obstacles.

The biggest roadblock is the negative self-talk that one is not good enough. Coming from an Asian background, Angeline mentioned that it was the most significant thing separating the successful and the unsuccessful. Without self-care and self-love, it becomes hard to overcome such an obstacle to be in the top 1%.

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