[S1] [S16] How to Use Fundamentals of Influencing Principles Across the World w/ Heather Havenwood, One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs (Huffington Post)

Heather Havenwood, Entrepreneur

This week we explored with Heather Havenwood on how to to be a successful influencer. We talked about the foundation of what it takes to be an influencer as well as how to leverage that foundation and tie that to Asian culture and upbringings. She explored how growing up as a Baptist, she faced many limitations in terms of self-promotion. That was not how she was brought up. That is similar to the Asian culture of being in harmony with the group where self-promotion is not passively accepted. We explored the steps needed from taking a skill to using that skill to being an influencer. However, that is not enough. We explored the missing steps in-between having the right skillset and being a successful influencer. One of the core pieces is the mindset. Also, we explored how to adopt that mindset to become a successful influencer. When it comes to becoming a successful influencer, many things are necessary. It doesn’t mean to have a considerable following but just influencing the community or your specific niche.

Asian Influencer

Heather and I also dove deeper into specificity for being an Asian influencer. Because of the typical collaborative culture embedded within the Asian community, there is less of a need for creating disruption. That sometimes can be at the expense of oneself. We heavily referenced good self-promoters such as Trump and Dan Lok. That means whether or not we like them or not, we do it. They have a brand, and when we hear specific phrases or expressions, we can think of them. For example, “You are Fired” is commonly associated with Trump. Everyone paid much attention to him even though he is not the most liked. However, if we look deeper, do people, not like him? I believe it is because we are surrounded by people who are similar to us that we forget that there are opposing views, in this case with Trump, there are a bunch of people who love him over Hillary Clinton at the time. That said, the principles of influencing also work with Asians, as the mental roadblock is more along the lines of self-promotion.

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