[S1] [E1] How to Deal with Asian Parent’s Guilt Trip w/ Stephen Lee, Engagement Manager at Strategy& (PWC)


This episode analyzes the impact of various solutions to managing guilt tripping with an Asian family. 

Those solutions can not only be applied in our Asian family structure but also able to use this in our personal relationships.  When was the last time you noticed your friends or co-workers tried to make you feel bad that you did not do what they assumed you “were” supposed to do?  If we don’t get this area resolved, it will flow into other parts of our lives.  We had several golden nuggets as takeaways as follows:

  • Compartmentalize the Situation
  • Understanding the root cause of a guilt trip
  • Separating emotions with positive actions

In addition, he went through how he was able to go through the ups and downs of his current status.

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